Bill Counters

Can a counterfeit detection device guarantee the legitimacy of a banknote or credit card?

The counterfeit detection capabilities utilized by WavaPos are on the cutting edge of technology. Counterfeiters on the other hand, are always looking for ways to bypass existing technology. Therefore, WavaPos does not guarantee the genuineness or authenticity of any banknote or currency. We are, however, constantly striving to stay ahead of the counterfeit industry.

Receipt Printers

Why did my receipt come out blank?

  • You may have loaded the paper in reverse. Thermal receipt paper will only print on one side — you can test this by scratching the surface of the paper before loading it into the printer.
  • If the paper was loaded correctly, load another roll of paper as the current roll may have become non-reactive to the thermal heat.
  • Reinstall the printer drivers.